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Exploration of students’ perceptions of issues in nursing theoretical courses: a qualitative research

Hemmati Maslakpak1 M (Ph.D) – Habibzadeh2 H (Ph.D).

Introduction: Ensuring the quality of education is one of the responsibilities of nurse instructors. Understanding the educational issues related to theoretical courses to improve the quality of nursing education. The purpose of this study was to explore students’ perceptions of issues in nursing theoretical courses.
Methods: A qualitative design using a conventional content analysis approach was used to collect and analyze data. Semi structured interviews were conducted with 17 nursing students chosen using purposeful sampling.
Results: During data analysis, four main categories were developed: “ineffective instructor”, “non-dynamic curriculum”, “problems regard to external environment of education”, and “factors related to the individual student”.
Conclusion: It was shown that education issues are caused by different factors. It is suggested that educational administrators should provide educational facilities and help with the improvement of instructors’ teaching and communication skills in order to take effective steps in removing educational issues, and enhance students’ motivation and confidence.

Key words: Theoretical courses, educational issues, nursing students, qualitative research

– Corresponding author: Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Urmia University of